What To Know About Union Liability Insurance

Labor unions work for fair representation of their members by acting as an intermediary between employees and employers. As a collective bargaining unit, there can be conflicts that arise. So what is available to protect the union and its agents? That’s where union liability coverages come in. 

Protection Against Personal Injury Claims

During contract negotiations, conflicts commonly arise due to disagreements on line items such as wages and benefits for workers. At times, these conflicts may even become escalated leading to wrongful detention, false arrest, or defamation of character. 

Union liability coverages are available to protect stewards from these are other unscrupulous business practices including misappropriation of ideas, the right to private occupancy, and even wrongful eviction.

Protection Against Fair Representation Disputes

Despite a labor leader’s best efforts to fairly represent members, charges may be filed with the National Labor Relations Board and claims arise when an employee disagrees with representation. A lawsuit that drags out in court could cause severe financial damage to a labor union and possibly even bankruptcy.

Protection for Financial Management

Stewards have the fiduciary responsibility to both protect and manage the organization’s financial assets. A policy helps cover unions against claims alleging mishandling of funds and assets.

Liability insurance offers peace of mind and security for union leaders fighting for the best interests of their bargaining unit constituents.