How Truckers Can Protect Themselves

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When truckers think about insurance, the biggest concern is usually accident insurance. While it is critical to have coverage in case of an accident, it should not be the sole concern. Several concerns should carry weight when choosing insurance coverage. Liability Coverage Liability coverage will cover any damage to property or to a person on the trucker’s premises or when a person uses the services of a trucker. There are a lot of different risks that a trucker may face, … Continue reading “How Truckers Can Protect Themselves”

Essential Risk Policies for Builders

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Builders understand the risks inherent in their line of work. What they may not realize is that there are two types of coverage necessary to protect against the many risks they face. Builders Risk Coverage A builder’s risk policy covers the contractor’s equipment and property, along with the materials utilized during the construction process. Coverage includes damages caused by such things as: Vandalism and external theft Fires Explosions Cars or other vehicles crashing into the contractor’s building Typical builder’s risk … Continue reading “Essential Risk Policies for Builders”

Who Needs DO Liability Coverage?

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Liability insurance is a lot more nuanced than many small business owners realize. Often, policies like directors & officers insurance are a good investment even when a company is fairly small, not just after it expands into a fully established corporate entity. A lot depends on how that business is structured, what kind of decision-making power officers in the company have, and what liabilities they could wind up incurring due to those decisions. Similarly, it’s also a good idea for … Continue reading “Who Needs DO Liability Coverage?”

Nonprofit Insurance: Protecting You and Your Volunteers

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A nonprofit or other volunteer-drive organization operates differently than a traditional for-profit business in many ways. It is therefore logical that such organizations have different considerations when it comes to liability and insurance. Owners of these organizations need to not only obtain insurance coverages for volunteers, but also coverage for the company in case of liability resulting from a volunteer’s actions. Protection for Your Volunteers Normally, workers’ compensation protects companies should their employees suffer an accident or injury while on … Continue reading “Nonprofit Insurance: Protecting You and Your Volunteers”