Surety Bonds Built for Your Industry

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Often, bonds provide a risk transfer option that lowers the overall cost of your risk management plan while covering situations in ways that regular insurance is not built to handle efficiently. That’s why so many industries use a combination of professional surety bonds and targeted insurance coverage. So how do you find a great resource for bonds when your business needs them? It’s easier than you think, because tailor-made bonds are a popular solution in enough industries to make bond … Continue reading “Surety Bonds Built for Your Industry”

What Is Risk Retention?

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In business, there will always be a certain amount of risk. Some businesses transfer this risk to a self insurance group to reduce costs and make the financial cost of these risks more predictable. The process of transferring these risks is known as risk retention. What It Does This process of transferring risk to a self insurance company or group protects assets from potential liabilities. For example, if an IT company gets hacked and they have the majority of that … Continue reading “What Is Risk Retention?”

Marketing Insurance on the Internet

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Modern marketing campaigns leading to long-term success must include digital components. This is true for every sector, including the insurance industry. Effective online insurance marketing involves attention to detail and following many digital best practices. Developing a Digital Strategy A good digital strategy that helps grow your business encompasses many areas. Planning Website design and upkeep Data analysis Building a social media presence Increasing traffic to your website Your online marketing program must be carefully managed through regular development in … Continue reading “Marketing Insurance on the Internet”