Top 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Save Money

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Small business owners need a bag of tricks filled with various skills. One of the most valuable of those skills is learning to be thrifty. Making money isn’t just about profit, it’s also about controlling expenses. Here are four places your small business can save money in the new year. Advertising Expenses You need customers to know where to find you, but that doesn’t mean traditional advertisements such as costly billboards and newspaper ads are the only way to go. … Continue reading “Top 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Save Money”

LinkedIn Advertising Basics for Insurance Professionals

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LinkedIn advertising is a powerful tool for insurance professionals to obtain sales leads and more. LinkedIn offers users the ability to engage with individuals and businesses within a specific industry. It is an effective way to network and connect with others in the insurance business. Optimize Your Profile Include a title and summary, as well as a headshot to attract connections. Use keywords that explain what your company does. A comprehensive profile ranks higher in the LinkedIn search engine. A … Continue reading “LinkedIn Advertising Basics for Insurance Professionals”