Strategies for Businesses to Navigate the Aftermath of a Hurricane

After a hurricane, business owners have to be ready to take swift and effective remedial action. Following a business hurricane recovery guide can help them prioritize safety and mitigate potential losses.

Have a Game Plan Ready to Go

An emergency preparedness plan lets a company’s staff know what they need to do. Plans should outline procedures for securing and inspecting the premises. Assigning responsibility to individual team members creates clarity and a chain of accountability.

Assess Damage Thoroughly

Business managers should complete a written damage assessment that details the physical damage sustained during a hurricane. Photographic documentation of conditions may be helpful in the process of initiating a claim under commercial insurance coverage for major weather events.  

Stay in Communication With Customers

Both before and after a severe storm, it is a good practice to send notification to customers about potential delays. Updates should convey what steps businesses are taking to resume normal operations. In addition, businesses should take the opportunity to show support for their community with volunteerism or donations.

While it is important to recognize that recovery is going to take a lot of hard work, business owners need to forge ahead with resolve. Planning ahead and using resources strategically will equip them to overcome challenges.