How To Respond to Negative Online Reviews About Your Food Truck

You have an excellent product on your food truck. You have a loyal customer base and do a lot of fun events. Unfortunately, someone will always get upset with you about something. When that person leaves a one-star review, it can negatively impact your business. Here are three tips for reputation management for food trucks.

1. Always Respond Professionally

Critics don’t hold back online. With a screen between you, they feel safe being rude. No matter what they’ve said, remain professional. Apologize for their negative experience. If applicable, provide additional information that might help make the situation more transparent. Remember that your fans are watching this interaction, too; your response can impact future sales.

2. Always Offer Solutions

Offer the critic another opportunity to try the dish that he or she didn’t like or that you ran out of by telling him or her where to find you next. Provide an email address to continue the conversation offline. If you think you could learn from what the customer is telling you, say so, and explain your improvement plan.

3. Always Be Personable

Even though things feel distanced online, remember that you’re talking to a real person with thoughts and feelings. Validate concerns, and respond to problems in a kind and helpful way that highlights your humanity.

You can’t do customer service without some negative reviews. Use these tips for reputation management for food trucks to grow from the criticism and improve your already-great product.