How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Insurance Agencies Attract New Business

These days, when someone needs insurance, they typically use an internet search engine to find a new company. Because of this, insurance agencies are no longer competing just with other local companies but, in some ways, every other insurance agency with an internet presence. Here is how search engine optimization can help an insurance agency get found by potential new clients online.

How Can Search Engine Optimization Build Business?

Most potential customers don’t click past the first few search results pages and never find a company’s site buried pages deep in the results. Search engine optimization for the insurance industry involves making technical and content changes to a website and building inbound links to the site. Such changes can help a site rank higher in search, ideally on page one.  

What Does Search Engine Optimization Entail?

Search engine optimization can involve any of the following:

  • Creating content around keywords that potential insurance clients might be using to perform their search
  • Ensuring the website metadata is optimized correctly and pages indexed with the search engines
  • Building links from other websites back to the agency’s site

Search engine optimization can be quite technical. An SEO agency specializing in the insurance industry can help insurance companies struggling to appear at the top of search engine results.