Geothermal Systems

Land-Drill is pleased to announce that they are now providing a complete solution for geothermal system. We provide solutions for surveying, design and the implementation of geothermal systems. Land-Drill are uniquely well placed to provide extensive expertise and can provide detailed help to private, public and individuals considering this technology.

How Do They Work?

The system works by removing heat from the air and rejecting it into the earth 100m down, or in reverse it can absorb heat from the earth and supply it back into the air around us. This system can provide heating, cooling, dehumidification and virtually free hot water if supplied with the optional heat recovery system.

Typical Applications: Heating

The air is heated by the system with the energy absorbed from the earth and the compressor heat of the heat pump. The fluid in the earth loop or well water is constantly re-circulated through the heat pump so it can continuously absorb heat from the earth.