Components of a Truck Fleet Risk Management Plan

Truck Fleet Risk Management Plan

Anyone who manages a fleet of trucks must work to prevent a host of potential mishaps from occurring. Besides the health and well-being of both vehicles and drivers, he or she also is responsible for fuel usage, security, and management of any incidents that occur. Here are some key elements of truck fleet risk management plans used by successful administrators.

Driver Education

Continuing education courses are crucial components of any risk management plan. Besides vehicle-specific operational training, you should consider programs such as defensive driving, drug and alcohol education, and diversity awareness.


Keep track of every purchase, vehicle document, and inspection record. By creating a filing system, you will always have written proof of your actions and expenditures in case a claim is made against you.

Incident Management

Don’t pretend that accidents will not occur. Instead, create a procedural plan for them, so that your employee know the exact steps to take.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to regulations can mean the difference between staying in business or being shut down. Make following the rules a part of your risk management plan.

No trucking company can eliminate their risks completely, but these tips will help lower them. You should back up each part with a solid insurance policy, in case something does not go according to plan.