How To Respond to Negative Online Reviews About Your Food Truck

Posted on August 10, 2022August 10, 2022Categories Insurance

You have an excellent product on your food truck. You have a loyal customer base and do a lot of fun events. Unfortunately, someone will always get upset with you about something. When that person leaves a one-star review, it can negatively impact your business. Here are three tips for reputation management for food trucks. 1. Always Respond Professionally Critics don’t hold back online. With a screen between you, they feel safe being rude. No matter what they’ve said, remain … Continue reading “How To Respond to Negative Online Reviews About Your Food Truck”

Insurance Coverage for Organizations and Their Volunteers

Posted on August 2, 2022August 2, 2022Categories Nonprofit Insurance

Volunteering offers many benefits for individuals, from increased self-esteem to learning new skills. Sometimes, though, volunteers are asked to interact with the public, transport materials, and operate unfamiliar equipment. Since accidents can happen, do volunteers need insurance to protect themselves? How Organizations Protect Volunteers Most organizations carry insurance policies that help safeguard volunteers. General liability insurance is the most common. It defends against property damage, personal or bodily injury claims that may involve volunteer activities. Some nonprofits may even invest … Continue reading “Insurance Coverage for Organizations and Their Volunteers”

Strategies for Businesses to Navigate the Aftermath of a Hurricane

Posted on July 26, 2022July 26, 2022Categories Business Insurance

After a hurricane, business owners have to be ready to take swift and effective remedial action. Following a business hurricane recovery guide can help them prioritize safety and mitigate potential losses. Have a Game Plan Ready to Go An emergency preparedness plan lets a company’s staff know what they need to do. Plans should outline procedures for securing and inspecting the premises. Assigning responsibility to individual team members creates clarity and a chain of accountability. Assess Damage Thoroughly Business managers … Continue reading “Strategies for Businesses to Navigate the Aftermath of a Hurricane”

What You Should Know About Attorney Liability to Third Parties

Posted on July 21, 2022July 21, 2022Categories Insurance

Attorneys commonly carry E&O (Errors and Omissions) insurance to protect against the risk of malpractice. Law is a detail-oriented field, and what seems like a small mistake on the part of an attorney could lead to a costly settlement. But what happens when if an attorney’s client commits a crime against a third party? Are attorneys liable for third parties? There are several types of scenarios that can lead to attorney liability for damages suffered by a third party. Third … Continue reading “What You Should Know About Attorney Liability to Third Parties”

Self Insurance for Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Posted on July 7, 2022July 7, 2022Categories Insurance

Insurance alternatives that provide all the risk aversion and management help you need have been on the rise in just about every area, but many businesses still shop for workers’ compensation even after self-insuring in other ways. For many of them, self insurance for workers’ compensation is actually a viable option, and there are industry specialists who have programs built to help you get started. There are some cases where self-insuring just does not work out for your workers’ compensation … Continue reading “Self Insurance for Workers’ Compensation Coverage”

Insurance Coverage for Employee Benefits Liability

Posted on June 23, 2022June 23, 2022Categories Insurance

Administrating employee benefits carries an extremely high duty of care. Errors in benefits administration could cause employees to experience serious consequences and expose employers to considerable liability. Employee Benefits Liability Insurance helps to protect companies from considerable liability and gives them a means to remedy errors. Here are some of the most important things that employers should know about insuring this part of their human resources management.  Policy Proceeds EBL coverage proceeds can address the immediate economic hardship that an … Continue reading “Insurance Coverage for Employee Benefits Liability”

To Improve Charter Schools, Declare Their Budgets Independent from Public Schools

Posted on June 13, 2022June 13, 2022Categories Tips & Tricks

These days, charter schools are at the center of many conversations about education. On the surface, charter schools seem like a viable option for students. So why the controversy? Like anything, charter schools aren’t perfect, and how to improve charter schools is a valid question to ask. The best way to improve them is to separate their funding from public schools. Stop Draining Money from Public Schools One may argue that charter schools can’t take money from public schools. By … Continue reading “To Improve Charter Schools, Declare Their Budgets Independent from Public Schools”

Managing the Cost of Pollution Insurance

Posted on June 7, 2022June 7, 2022Categories Insurance

Pollution is a significant environmental risk across countless industries. Whether transporting hazardous materials that can spill, operating a plant that releases toxic air particulates, or even working on a small job site where dangerous chemicals leaking are a risk, it is important to be sure you are covered if any accident or incident occurs. Pollution insurance can help to keep you protected. Depending on the industry you work in, and the scope of your business, the cost of pollution insurance … Continue reading “Managing the Cost of Pollution Insurance”

Protecting Your Business With Photographer Event Insurance

Posted on May 27, 2022May 27, 2022Categories Insurance

If you operate a photography business, you know the importance of keeping your business standards as high as possible. Photographers depend on good reputations and reviews to create durable businesses that last and grow over time. But if you operate a photography business, it is also important to consider insurance needs. Without photographer event insurance, you can be at risk for losses or damages that can damage or destroy an otherwise thriving business. Read on to learn more about this … Continue reading “Protecting Your Business With Photographer Event Insurance”

How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Insurance Agencies Attract New Business

Posted on May 19, 2022May 19, 2022Categories Tips & Tricks

These days, when someone needs insurance, they typically use an internet search engine to find a new company. Because of this, insurance agencies are no longer competing just with other local companies but, in some ways, every other insurance agency with an internet presence. Here is how search engine optimization can help an insurance agency get found by potential new clients online. How Can Search Engine Optimization Build Business? Most potential customers don’t click past the first few search results … Continue reading “How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Insurance Agencies Attract New Business”