How Employers Can Design Comprehensive and Beneficial Retirement Plans for Their Employees

Posted on February 28, 2022February 28, 2022Categories Retirement Packages

Is your business interested in designing a renewed employee retirement plan complete with cutting-edge benefits to attract and retain talent at your company? Having a comprehensive retirement plan can round out any benefits package and may incentivize your workers to stay on at your business for years to come. Here’s how you can craft the most appealing package possible. Consider Offering a Range of the Most Popular Retirement Plan Types One way to attract as many employees as possible to … Continue reading “How Employers Can Design Comprehensive and Beneficial Retirement Plans for Their Employees”

3 Reasons Why Food Businesses Need Restaurant insurance

Posted on February 24, 2022February 24, 2022Categories Restaurant insurance

Although running your own food and beverage business can be a fun and rewarding entrepreneurial pursuit, it can also come with many risks. In general, restaurants face multiple possible liabilities when it comes to how they prepare food, the conditions of the physical location and many other factors. For this reason, most experienced business owners invest in restaurant insurance to help protect their companies. Consider these common reasons why they do.  1. Kitchen Disasters Behind the scenes in a restaurant … Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Food Businesses Need Restaurant insurance”

3 Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted the Transportation Industry

Posted on February 23, 2022February 23, 2022Categories Tips & Tricks

Ever since the 2020 emergence of COVID-19, industries across the United States have been scrambling to adjust to ever-changing government regulations and community health statuses. Within the mix, the transportation industry and COVID have also run into each other, with impacts hitting supply chains, consumer demand and workforce availability. To better understand the situation, take a look at these three ways that the pandemic has impacted the transportation industry. 1. Supply Chain Delays With many distribution centers and factories shutting … Continue reading “3 Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted the Transportation Industry”

4 Leading Causes of Construction Compensation Claims

Posted on February 22, 2022February 22, 2022Categories Compensation Insurance

Construction companies can reduce compensation claims and costs by maintaining safety equipment and training workers. Examining OSHA’s leading causes of construction accidents can help companies and contractors prevent workplace injuries. 1. Falls Falls are the most common cause of construction compensation claims in the industry. One way to prevent falls is to install perimeter protection around holes, platforms, and workstations. Providing employees with fall protection equipment like safety harnesses can also decrease the risk of falling. 2. Struck-By Accidents Struck-by … Continue reading “4 Leading Causes of Construction Compensation Claims”

How Educators Can Ensure They Behave Ethically in All School Settings

Posted on February 21, 2022February 21, 2022Categories Tips & Tricks

For schoolteachers and educators of all kinds, understanding appropriate ethical behavior is essential. No matter what type of school setting you may work in, knowing key ethical behavior in school examples can help you follow protocol and remain professional at all times. Here’s how you can ensure you’re always following an ethical code at school. Keep Your Students’ Well-Being at the Forefront of Your Mind Whatever actions you take at school, make sure you have your students’ best interests at … Continue reading “How Educators Can Ensure They Behave Ethically in All School Settings”

Protecting Your Projects With the Right Coverage

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Contractors and construction companies will spend many months, if not years, turning a set of plans and specifications into a reality. From the ground up, builders use heavy equipment and power tools to erect and assemble facilities according to the plans of architects or engineers. Once you receive a notice to proceed, you’ll break ground on a new project to deliver a finished product that can benefit an individual person as well as entire communities. Your clients will likely accept … Continue reading “Protecting Your Projects With the Right Coverage”

Is Term Life Insurance a Good Choice for You?

Posted on February 17, 2022April 5, 2022Categories Life Insurance

When it comes to protecting your family, you might think of security systems in your home or airbags in your car. However, those aren’t the only things you should consider. Life insurance is an important part of securing your family’s financial future. Now is a great item to learn more about term life insurance and whether it is a good fit for your financial portfolio.  What Is Term Life Insurance? Term life policies are a simple form of life insurance. … Continue reading “Is Term Life Insurance a Good Choice for You?”

Insurance Considerations for Works In Progress

Posted on February 16, 2022February 16, 2022Categories Insurance

The construction business is no stranger to the various operational risks that exist both in the office and the field. Active work zones are often full of hazardous conditions that threaten the safety of onsite personnel such as scaffolding platforms, confined spaces and ladders. Then there are the dangers that come with operating heavy machinery and power tools. Insurance products such as general liability, workers’ compensation and commercial auto help protect your operations and the people doing the operating.  Understanding … Continue reading “Insurance Considerations for Works In Progress”

Understanding Wintertime Hazards for Your Home and How You Can Help Mitigate Them

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During periods of harsh winter weather, it’s important for all homeowners to prepare their homes to mitigate potential weather-related damage. There are numerous winter home hazards to be aware of and get ready for, and you can prevent both exterior and interior issues by taking early action. Here are the checks you should conduct to prepare for poor winter conditions. Check the Inside of Your Home for Weather Damage As cold or snowy weather moves into your region, you may … Continue reading “Understanding Wintertime Hazards for Your Home and How You Can Help Mitigate Them”