Who Needs DO Liability Coverage?

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Liability insurance is a lot more nuanced than many small business owners realize. Often, policies like directors & officers insurance are a good investment even when a company is fairly small, not just after it expands into a fully established corporate entity. A lot depends on how that business is structured, what kind of decision-making power officers in the company have, and what liabilities they could wind up incurring due to those decisions. Similarly, it’s also a good idea for … Continue reading “Who Needs DO Liability Coverage?”

3 Things You Should Know About CBD Nutraceuticals

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As research on CBD-based products grows, the benefits of merging CBD and traditional pharmaceuticals have become increasingly evident. The result is the CBD nutraceuticals market, which emphasizes a holistic approach to health by offering CBD-infused supplements and remedies. 1. What They Are CBD nutraceuticals usually come in pill, capsule, oil, or tincture format. Like CBD and other natural health solutions, CBD nutraceuticals offer the perks of nutritional supplementation without the chemical side effects of, or prescriptions required for, traditional pharmaceutical … Continue reading “3 Things You Should Know About CBD Nutraceuticals”

Top 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Save Money

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Small business owners need a bag of tricks filled with various skills. One of the most valuable of those skills is learning to be thrifty. Making money isn’t just about profit, it’s also about controlling expenses. Here are four places your small business can save money in the new year. Advertising Expenses You need customers to know where to find you, but that doesn’t mean traditional advertisements such as costly billboards and newspaper ads are the only way to go. … Continue reading “Top 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Save Money”

Components of a Truck Fleet Risk Management Plan

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Anyone who manages a fleet of trucks must work to prevent a host of potential mishaps from occurring. Besides the health and well-being of both vehicles and drivers, he or she also is responsible for fuel usage, security, and management of any incidents that occur. Here are some key elements of truck fleet risk management plans used by successful administrators. Driver Education Continuing education courses are crucial components of any risk management plan. Besides vehicle-specific operational training, you should consider … Continue reading “Components of a Truck Fleet Risk Management Plan”