What Are Voluntary Benefits and Which Ones Should You Offer?

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AS an employer, you want to provide the best possible benefits package to your employees. That includes mandatory coverage, such as workers’ compensation, unemployment, social security, and access to health coverage if you have more than 50 employees. However, many companies also choose to include voluntary benefits in their offerings. How To Choose the Right Options for Your Employees Which benefits you choose to offer on a voluntary basis will depend on the needs and demands of your employees. The … Continue reading “What Are Voluntary Benefits and Which Ones Should You Offer?”

3 Library Program Ideas To Boost Community Engagement

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A successful library acts as a pillar of its community, bringing together families and inspiring young readers to pursue their dreams. Many libraries have developed social programs in an effort to increase community engagement and expose more people to the library’s endless resources. Although libraries often customize programs to best serve their unique communities, a few favorites stand out amongst library staff and community members alike. 1. Game Night One of the greatest advantages to gaming programs is their appeal … Continue reading “3 Library Program Ideas To Boost Community Engagement”